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The Art of Losing

La Vie Boheme

My ramble...Despite the name I am not all doom and gloom. Misery_moth is the part of me that is forever drawn to darkness and things that hurt me. Sometimes it happens consciously, I seek it out, I press the self-destruct button. A lot of the time it has happened without me realising it: my screwed up childhood where I was surrounded by other people's pain; hiding myself and who I am; being attracted to people who are destined to make me suffer. This is not all of who I am though. I am sarcastic and silly and I am blessed with good friends and a loving girlfriend. I have a dream, I want to get my writing published someday. I want it to mean something to someone the way my favourite books have meant something to me. I have insomnia and as such I watch a lot of TV, of varying quality, but I do tend to get obsessive about shows, e.g The X-Files, Buffy, The L Word, Skins etc in the past. I don't care if something is deemed "cool" or not, if I like it I will admit it. Two of the most influential people to me have been Jeff Buckley and Patti Smith, both had darkness and both created light.
My journal will probably end up being a mixture of my fiction writing and just my views on things. I don't expect people to read it and am mostly writing it as catharsis.